128 = 64 x 2 — Extending to larger matrix displays

I haven’t had the nerve to test if my 8×8 PWM code could cope with a double sized matrix, but it turns out someone else has already had fun doing that.

Have a look at dirk’s blog for more information. It’s in German though.

Here’s a video showing an extended color demo running on 16×8 pixel. It’s nice to see that the smiley is still in there ;-)

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2 Responses to 128 = 64 x 2 — Extending to larger matrix displays

  1. khang says:

    im build led matrix 16(row)*8(column), but i dont know connect to arduino. im using 3 ic 74hc595, that right? i see many people use 4 ic, what is the 4 ic? please instruct. im connected led matrix 8*8 success, but is not complete with 16*8

  2. robert says:

    The 4th IC is probably used to drive the rows (assuming 8×8). I’ve done that myself. 4x 74HC595. 3×595 for R,G,B + 1×595 for the rows. To get more brightness, the 4th 595 can be connected to a high-side driver (e.g. UDN2981A) for more current. To expand to 16 rows, you’d need a 5th 595. But the 16x-scanning might result in flicker.

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