ModernDevice USB BUB — Review

For uploading to “home made Arduinos” or other boards not equipped with an USB/TTL-serial converter chip like the Boarduino, there’s a few adapters out there. One of which is the standard FTDI USB/TTL-serial cable, which costs 20$ in the USA and more than 20€ in Europe (that’s the usual rip-off, as 20$ ~ 14€). Sparkfun also has FTDI breakout boards, but they are not as attractive as the next one. A much more appealing device is the ‘BUB’ board by ModernDevice. It’s much cheaper (13.50$ including a mini USB cable) and has more options.


  • jumper for 3.3V/5V logic level selection
  • breaks out more serial signal lines (DTR …)
  • supports auto-reset for Arduino boards out of the box
  • remappable header
  • 3.3V power line selectable (50mA)
  • LED for RX/TX activity

There’s not much to say other than that I like it! Assembly is quick and easy, the rest is plug and play. It fits perfectly to my RGB LED Matrix controller ;-)

Here’s the BUB manual.

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  2. Diego Rodriguez says:

    Hey, i am currently assembling one of your 8×8 LED matrix kits and have a USB BUB II ready to upload the bootloader to my 8×8 board with parts 1-6 soldered to it but am slightly confused on what the bootloader is as well as what code to upload. Could you assist me on what the bootloader actually is and what code to upload using my USB BUB II.

    Thanks in advance

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