Trying to fix the sound of my Sega Game Gear — part 2

I was lucky :-)

It seems the guys at Sega just replaced the 470µF capacitors shown in the reference setup for the TDM2822M dual amplifier with 47µF ones. Other people have had problems with these too, so I just pulled them off and put standard 47µF 50V ones in as a replacement. I just had a couple of them in my big box. But first some more info.

As you have to open up your Game Gear, you’ll have the pleasure to meet an especially nasty security bolt.


And here is a closeup of said bolt. Be sure to NOT put it back when you’ve managed to get it out. Keep it as a sign of your victory over some sick bastard who thought this to be a neat idea.


So basically all that had to be done was to remove the two dried out electrolytic caps labelled C5 and C7 and put suitable replacements back in. I happened to have 47µF 50V caps in my big box.

The fixed board in all its beauty


And the complete Game Gear


Finally 2 videos, one showing the sounds of ‘columns’ on my scope, the other one is the intro of ‘Sonic the Hedgehog 2’

To sum it all up, it was fun and much easier than expected :-)

A manual for fixing other Game Gear problems is here.

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3 Responses to Trying to fix the sound of my Sega Game Gear — part 2

  1. Jan says:

    Sega Game Gear FTW!
    Reminds me that i still have one at my parents place. It even has the TV cartridge…

  2. michel says:

    Hallo ik heb een vraagje ik heb ook meerdere sega gamegear,s 2 met geluid en 1 zonder 1 van de twee met geluid daar is het beeld er donker van als je hem op de kachel legt een half uurtje dan is het beeld een stuk lichter ,valt dit te reparen er zit volgens mij een klein tl lampje in , en wat vraag je voor reparatie geluid .en als het kan het beeld weer moei helder . gr Michel

    • robert says:

      Well, _if_ the sound problem you have is the same, it can be fixed with 2 47µF capacitors for a few cents.

      The back light issue may be caused by bad capacitors as well, as shown in the link I posted at the bottom of this post. So _maybe_ it can be fixed by switching all those capacitors. I haven’t done that with my Game Gear, so I have no experience with the outcome.

      Oh and posting in English would be nice. I had to use google translator :-)

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