Wooden case for the LED matrix projects

So I’ve decided to put the LED matrix projects into nice good looking wooden cases. Thought of making it myself, but I just don’t have the tools nor the space for making precision cuts and milling grooves and so on. I’ve contacted a local carpenter’s shop and tomorrow I’ll know how much I’ll have to shell out for 4 cases. I suspect way above 150€.

The case will be almost cube shaped with a frosted/smoked glass window in front of the LED RGB matrix and a piece of wood or aluminium as the back door. Where I’ll get the glass I don’t know yet. The cube will be made of 4 identical pieces of precision cut/milled/ground plywood. I’ll glue them together myself (as soon as I’ve got the glass), do some grinding and put on non stinking varnish for a nice finish.

This is how it should look like when finished:


Update 1: 06.11.2008:

I had the boxes made at a local carpenter’s shop. I ordered 4 and got one for free :-) Cost me about 100€, most of which was for time of course. The 5 glass windows cost 10€.

Update 2: 07.11.2008:

Although recommended, it’s nearly impossible to grind this wax before applying a 2nd coat. Sanding paper is immediately clogged with sticky dust. Looked better before grinding and painting again :-(

Update 3: 07.11.2008:

Well, didn’t turn out that bad after all. And there’s still 4 more to go. Now I’ll have to rebuild the electronics in a smaller form factor to make it fit. I’ll skip the quartz and go for the internal 8MHz oscillator and the UDN2981A will go as well. Don’t need it and it makes some trouble. I was thinking of porting ladyada’s game of life to my rgb matrix, so I’ll have to add a battery pack and maybe a voltage booster thingy. I’m planning to go for aluminum sheet metal for the back lid of the box. I’ll have to put a mini-usb socket into it somehow. Seems like I’ll have to upgrade my tools to make this work. A mini-mill would be nice, CNC would be great.

Update 4: 14.11.2008:

I ordered a few booster chips (max756.pdf) for a 2 cell battery pack. This is heavily inspired by ladyada’s MintyBoost.

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4 Responses to Wooden case for the LED matrix projects

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  2. Helmut says:

    Da warst du ja noch recht fleissig. :-)

  3. Japala says:

    Hi. I’m glad I found your project. I have those bi-colored modules from spark but these “china ones” with RGB seems very interesting. I noticed that you changed the code that you use the internal oscillator and removed the UDN. Would it possible to get a post with a new code and the altered schematic without those removed components? Thank you.

  4. robert says:

    Actually I haven’t rebuilt this thing yet. It is still sitting in its box. And this won’t happen this year anymore, I desperately need to finish my thesis. The c-code should run without any changes. When compiling just select Lillypad as board (runs @ 8MHz). Also the bootloader (if you use it) must be reflashed to the Lillypad one as it takes account for the different CPU clock in the serial settings and the correct fuses to select the internal oscillator. The schematic will be the same thing, just without the crystal parts. If you skip the UDN chip too just ignore it and connect the 595 that drives the rows directly to the LEDs.

    Best of luck and happy new year :-)

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