Computer archaeology

Today, while cleaning out documents, I found a some old things and really ‘prehistoric’ ones:


Read closely, 64kb were once enough, even for DOS. Or: “Why is MS-DOS so important :-)”. There’s a PDF with 8 more pages. This seems to be a manual for DOS 3.1, before it was bought up by micro$oft. So as I’ve learned, the original creator of DOS is Tim Paterson. Here’s his blog.

Some old hardware that popped up:

The first 2 pics show an old ISA GPIB card from National Instruments. The next pic shows a SIM to PS2 memory adapter. Finally 2 pages from the ASUS P5A Super7 mainboard (cover.pdf,cpupage.pdf). Pentium-90, woohoo! Remember the P5 bug ? I even got it replaced. Was quite cool when the UPS guy showed up and took the old CPU with him. Must have cost Intel a fortune.

Some more dirty old hardware (viewer’s discretion advised):

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    Load “little computerpeople”,8,1 :-)

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