The day the Twitter died…

I case you haven’t noticed yet, TWITTER IS DOWN, oh no!

First I suspected my friggin’ Android-Tablet, as usual (and rightly so). It is slow and crash-happy, I suspect very poor quality FLASH-memory (IOWAIT is insanely high, fstrim doesn’t do anything, factory-reset is useless…). When funds allow it some time in the future, I will destroy it and shoot a nice YouTube video of me going crazy with a heavy iron object. Am I rambling again? Sorry…

Back to Twitter!

It’s still down, ARGH ARGH ARGH.

I wonder how I would feel should Twitter finally be going the way of the dodo some day. I suspect a feeling of great loss would follow. Yes, there is a great deal of drivel & nonsense on there (I’m guilty as well), a great deal on purpose I guess, BUT at least for me personally the the SNR (*) makes it totally worth it. I don’t know any of my Twitter acquaintances face-to-face, but I’d miss the whole lot of them!

Somehow Twitter seduces its users to being extremely informal, even with people like “Richard Dawkins”, and more often than not you even get an answer of some sort. Sometimes I get a niggling thought that I’m doing something forbidden ;-)

STILL DOWN! [Tue Jan 19 13:31:18 UTC 2016]


No use continuing this for now…

Well, “Back To The Bench”!

(*) Signal to Noise Ratio

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Happy New Year 2016


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2015 — What a year!

The year twenty-fifteen has had a lot in stock for me and my family, both near and far.

There was death, illness, strenuous recovery, unexpected relapse, and much other crap nobody really wants nor needs. “A bit much” you could say.

So, today, I’m extremely glad to be finally able to say this:

FUCK YOU 2015!

Good riddance…

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Insidious back-stabbing planned obsolescence — SNAFU

I needed a new shopping basket. The old one had broken down after many years of abuse. In the process it killed a cheap bottle of red wine, which made a nice big puddle on the floor, much to the delight of the shop’s staff. Fortunately the incident didn’t cost me anything.

The replacement looked pretty much the same as the old one and cost 4€. It looked sturdy enough.

I was wrong.


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PartedMagic — Booting ISO image from GRUB2 / openSUSE

Please note: this is not an excuse not to have a bootable USB-stick for true emergencies. This is just for convenience.

File download

On openSUSE (13.2), this file needs to be placed into “/etc/grub.d/”. After that run “yast2 bootloader” to update GRUB2’s config file (“/boot/grub2/grub.cfg”).

The ISO-file must be on a partition / file-system that is accessible to GRUB2 during boot. In this case the file(s) are on the first partition of “hd0” (defined in “/boot/grub2/”), the boot-partition (EXT4) of this system.

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Low Carb Cheese Cake — yet another attempt

Don’t worry, this blog won’t transform into an adulation for pastry and the likes. At least not for pastry coming from conventional bakeries with tons of sugar and seeds of grasses.



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YOUYUE 858D+ hotair station — BLDC Fan-speed mod

I’ve finally forced myself to layout a small board. It’s been far too long anyway.

It consists of these building blocks: reference voltage, comparator, RC low-pass, gain.

There are better methods for the job, e.g. using a digital one-shot to create pulses independent of the triggering waveform… yes. As usual I just wanted something that works in this special case, something simple, small and cheap.


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Error U81 — Panasonic DMR-EX75 repair


Some explanation:


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Some old 3D design — memory lane

Just images and 2 short videos.


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Is it just me or is there something wrong with those number?

If you are so inclined, please have a look at this. No electronics of any kind, but a scientific publication about diet / nutrition.

“Metabolic and physiologic improvements from consuming a paleolithic, hunter-gatherer type diet”, LA Frassetto et al., EJCN, 2009, 63, 947-955, [PDF], [SHA1]

In essence they’re comparing a “usual diet” with a “paleo diet” with respect to all sorts of metabolic parameters, among these are: blood glucose and insulin levels.

From the abstract (emphasis is mine):

“We performed an outpatient, metabolically controlled study, in nine nonobese sedentary healthy volunteers, ensuring no weight loss by daily weight.”

I’ve just skimmed the paper, and got stuck on page 5, table 3 (click to enlarge):

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Fawlty USB3.0 controller card — DC-DC noise?

Well, this won’t make it any easier! Not at all…


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Fawlty USB3.0 controller card — quick DC-DC regulator check

This card is pretty good, when it works. Transfer-speeds were fine, close to 100MB/s with an external USB3 disk. It works nicely with Linux – plug and play.


Then the problems started…

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It looks nice on graphs, but there’s so much to not understand



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“Easy” remote-admin — static systemd service

In the previous two posts we dealt with the script ‘after.local’, which is a remnant on openSUSE of the ‘init’-days, before systemd became the standard.

After looking more closely, it turns out that there is a ‘unit-file’ for ‘after.local’ backward-compatibility. This makes the following rather simple.

Essentially we’ll just have to copy/rename/paste a few files to create a new service that does what we want ;-)

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“Easy” remote-admin — take 2

In my previous post I described a method for a boot-activated remote-admin option for my parents’ computer.

On 2nd thought, it is not always a good idea to rely on changing system-wide configurations (such as sshd_config, firewall…)

In this post I’ll basically re-do the whole thing. This time an extra SSH-server is started, in addition to any existing ones, listening on a custom port + custom config options. The firewall is dealt with in the script as well.

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“Easy” & quite safe remote-admin for parent’s linux machine

Yes, I know about KDE desktop sharing, FreeNX and relatives… and again yes, this is nothing new, but someone might still find it useful.

I wanted and needed something simple, something that could be activated in the bootloader menu (grub 2), something that didn’t leave the machine wide-open when absolutely not needed, something that would be robust and wasn’t necessarily depending on a working GUI.


The boot-parameters that were used for the currently running kernel can be found in the file ‘/proc/cmdline’, easy to read and evaluate.

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Spontaneous LED bulb teardown — OSRAM AA66588 [10W]

Yes, yet another power-supply failure!


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Looking for a new job…

Just to be on the safe side, not being guilty of lack of initiative, I post this on here as well ;-)

I seek permanent employment in Germany, willing to move almost anywhere (*).

By education I’m a physicist, dealt with fs-lasers [as a tool] & vacuum systems for a while (HV mostly, but I’ve had ‘a short play’ with a UHV system as well). I know what building a lab from scratch & running it is like. Been there, done that.

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IKEA Samtid mood-light BT firmware — simple_serial

This firmware for the ISML + HC-05 Bluetooth module currently implements the same simple interface as the current WiFi-code named ‘browser_control’.

Pairing the ‘HC-05’on linux using the command line (openSUSE 13.2):

When first powered on, the HC-05 module will blink its status LED rapidly, indicating that no link has been established.

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Importing LEDs from China — Battle with customs follow-up

Behold, the stickers of DOOM…

If you should find any of these on a shipment to you, prepare for battle!


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